Monday, October 31, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Ghoulie Girl

By request from a friend, here's a quick look at my Halloween nails.

My mom treated me to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Ghoulie Girl.  This pattern has rows of alternating orange and white ghosts on a black background. The little ghosts look like the guys from Pacman, which was my absolute favorite Atari game when I was a kid.


Last time I wore these strips, I had much better wear using a separate top coat.  Since the patterns look a little matte after they're applied, the top coat also adds much appreciated shine.

Unfortunately, I wore a separate base coat this time, too.  Can you see the chip on the tip of my index finger?  That happened within the hour of putting these on.  I don't have peeling or splitting or anything else going on with that nail to explain immediate chipping, so I think the addition of the base coat affected the strips' wear.

The Lesson Learned - Sally Hansen polish strips work well with top coat, not base coat!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MAC Dirty Martini + Comparison

 It's almost Halloween and it's time for a murky, swampy olive color!

I used to think light blue polishes were too crazy for me to wear - so stark, so bright, so blue!  I even gave my bottle of Barielle Swizzle Stix away because I just wasn't ready for it in 2009.  I also wasn't ready for the ugly-pretty camouflage colors that were starting to show up.  For its name alone, I bought Dry Martini from the MAC Fall 2009 by Jin Soon collection.  After two years of taupe, mushroom, and greige, I've slowly grown to enjoy these types of shades and I'm finally ready to love this polish!

Dry Martini is a dark, brown-leaning olive green creme.  On me, this polish looks green indoors and brown outdoors.  My bottle had been untouched for so long that it needed some really good mixing.  I don't think I mixed it enough, so it took me three coats to get this polish on opaque and even.

I was so happy with the look of Dirty Martini that I tried to put on an ombre mani with some of my other drab green cremes (I know the OPI has a faint shimmer, but it's only visible 2% of the time so it barely counts as shimmer!). 

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War (index), Zoya Shawn (middle),
Dry Martini (ring), and OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow (pinkie)

Shawn is a bit dingy looking in the bottle, but it looks so vibrant when it's in the middle of all these brown-tinged greens. I don't have Zoya Dree (still on a low-buy), but I think that green would've fit in much better with the other olive shades. I used two coats on No More War and Shawn and three coats on Dry Martini and Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.

Since the greens looked so different on the hand than they did in their bottles, this mani turned out just to be a comparison swatch.  It's still a useful look at these popular polishes, even if it isn't a real ombre mani!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OWWWP - Ulta Grin & Berry It featuring WnW Correction Tape

Even though our days are still warm (we're talking highs in the 90s), it's October so I'm wearing some fall shades.  I think berry is a great shade of pink for fall.  It may be on the conservative side, but it's a little darker and richer as it moves us closer to the deep jewel tones of winter.

I'm wearing Grin & Berry It from the Ulta Salon Formula line. I picked it up because it was on clearance (they were changing from the rectangle bottles/black caps to the new round bottles/silver caps) and I thought I saw an orange-gold flash. That flash of color isn't really visible on the nail except slight hints of it in low lighting.

It's a berry shimmer that definitely looks best with three coats. The brush and the formula made the application really easy.  I wore this for a few days this week and I had really bad tip wear, but no chipping. The shimmer and the color of Grin & Berry It is so rich that it kept playing with my camera so I could only get a decent shot of it in indirect light.

This berry shade made me think of one of the glitters in the new Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes I just found.  Yep, I was lucky enough to find a full display of On the Prowl, their limited edition Halloween 2011 collection.  Here's Grin & Berry It with one coat of Correction Tape layered over it. There was slight bubbling on one nail, but nothing at all like the Party of Five Glitters bubble-fest.

I was on the fence with buying Correction Tape because of the awful time I had with Party of Five Glitters but look! There's more glitter coverage with one coat. It has hex and square glitter pieces. I even like the color combination of Correction Tape more - check out that black glitter!!

I did want more glitter on the nail, but I didn't go any farther because I already had three coats of Grin & Bear It on.  Next time, I think I'll use multiple coats of Correction Tape on an accent nail or over a base color that needs less coats for full opacity.

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