Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nubar Knight's Armor

I don’t dislike this polish, but I’m definitely confused by it.  

This is Nubar Knight’s Armor from their Fortress Collection of grays.  It’s a charcoal base packed with square silver glitter.  The silver stands out, but I prefer more integration with my glitter polishes. I feel like I could have achieved the same effect layering a clear silver glitter over a dark gray. 

Sunlight - no bottle because we're on vacation & I left it at the house

The base of Knight’s Armor looks like a jelly but it’s overwhelmed by the silver on top. I love jellies and glitters combined in one polish – like CG Atlantis – and I’ve never seen a charcoal jelly, so I really would’ve liked to see some more of that base.  This was two coats and I was on the fence about a third.  It would’ve helped a few of the barer spots, but it also would’ve meant more glitter and I already felt overwhelmed by what was already on the nail. I think I would’ve liked the overall look more if it had been two polishes layered.  I would have had more control over the transparency and levelness of the jelly base without maxing out the silver glitter on top. 

I still loved the Nubar brush and this polish’s wear, but I only *like* the actual shade. Even a few days of wearing it didn't change my opinion. I know a friend who would love this polish so I think I should gift it her way so she can give Knight’s Armor the full appreciation a Nubar deserves.

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