Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie

This post is dedicated to my best friend who just ordered her wedding dress.  Her wedding's next year and placing that order is one of the first big steps in making it all real.  Maybe next up will be picking out the bridesmaid dresses *cough, cough, wink, cough* 

I picked up Plie in the big, and most likely last, Rescue Beauty Lounge 50% Off VIP Sale at the beginning of November.  Plie is a perfect polish to try out during the work week.  I missed Opaque Nude last sale and Grunge was still out of stock for this sale, but I had to get a cool opaque nude from RBL this time so I picked Plie.  This shade did not disappoint - it's a wonderful nude with a touch of pink.  It really did remind me of ballet slippers.

After trying Dead Calm, Stormy, and No More War, I figured RBL's formula wouldn't let me down, but I had doubts because this was a light nude color.  After all, I picked up Opaque Pink when Opaque Nude wasn't available and Opaque Pink was NOT opaque!  I shouldn't have doubted the polish community because Plie is opaque in one coat, perfectly creamy in two. 

Since it's after the DST flip and I'm at work during sunlight hours, I only have an indoor shot, but this accurate to the pink-nude color that Plie looks on me.  As with all nudes, I think that skin tone really affects how orange or pink or gray-dead the shade can look on an individual's hand.  The finish is much shinier in real life, but I couldn't get the camera to capture it.  I also put the decal on my ring finger as an extra shout out to mi amiga's wedding dress order.

This shade is totally a shout out towards the color scheme my friend is contemplating.  I can't divulge all her details, but she knows what I mean.

Congrats again, Ash!  I can't wait for your big day!!

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