Monday, December 13, 2010

Color Club Magic Attraction

More sparkly snow-inspired polish because we're supposed to get stuff that sticks to the ground tonight!  I'm trying to also get myself mentally psyched up for tomorrow's expected high of 24 degrees.  Heh... 24.  That's about 55 degrees lower than the expected high in Phoenix... on to that sparkly polish!

Color Club Magic Attraction is from the Fall 2008 Glitter Vixen Collection - one day I will have the entire set! Magic Attraction does have a couple of relatives out there in the polish world. According to Scrangie, it's an available option for the hard-to-find OPI Paris Couture for Sure. It's also related to Hocus Pocus from this year's Color Club Halloween minis. If you're not a frequent glitter wearer and you'd prefer a smaller bottle, this would be a good time to look for that set on clearance.

The chunky holographic glitter throughout Magic Attraction makes this clear-base, silver glitter look sparkly and multicolored. This polish has dense glitter like the other Glitter Vixens so it covers the nail in one coat.  With two coats, it gets as close to opaque as you can get with a clear base glitter. This isn't a fine-grit glitter so double up on the thick top coat.

Despite looking very silver in the bottle, I think this has a pinkish tint in some angles when I wear it.
Indirect Sunlight

Direct Sunlight - Different Angle
but look! I caught some of the rainbow holo sparkle effect in the photo!
Bundle up & stay warm! More glitter to get me through this winter to come *wink*

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  1. This is one of my favorite glitter polishes!!

  2. Ditto - it's a disco ball for the fingers :)