Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reds, Berries, & Glitter - Oh My! featuring Cult Nails Iconic

I put off getting my Valentine's Day post ready over the weekend. I kept thinking "no problem -  I'll just do one on Monday night." Really? What was I thinking?! Westminster Dog Show was going on Monday and Tuesday and I can't blog AND look carefully at all the breeds being shown at the same time :s

But that doesn't mean I don't have some Valentine Day-inspired colors to share with you!

First, a red creme -
OPI Color So Hot It Berns from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection
This is a bold warm red that goes on smoothly on two coats. Looks opaque in most lighting, but a slight VNL is visible in bright light. I only have the mini bottle from the Irrre-Swiss-Ables Minis Collection, but I would like a big bottle because none of my reds are as bright as this one.

Now, a burgundy shimmer -
Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco from the Fall 2009 Collection
Darker on the nail than in the bottle, this blackened burgundy leaned brown on me. The rich shimmer really lights this shade up from the inside, so it never looks entirely black - there's always a flash of that luxurious shimmer that pops from every angle.

My first "vampy" love reinvented for 2011 - 
the classic Revlon Vixen topped with the new top glitter top coat Revlon Slipper!
A deep brown-based dark red creme topped with small red and silver glitter and larger holo hex glitter.

aaaaaand the Pièce de résistance... the latest from Cult Nails.... Iconic!

 This is two coats - with only one coat on the pinkie to show the base color and opacity of the shade. 

Iconic is a berry creme with red flakes and gold shimmer. I don't have any top coat on in these pictures. Iconic goes on smoothly and has an incredibly high intensity shine when it dries!  Look at that shade shot - this polish is really that shiny on its own!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day :)  To all my friends back home - Happy 99th Birthday to AZ!  

And a big congratulations to Hickory, the first Scottish Deerhound to ever win Best in Show at Westminster!!  This is an impressive win for an old breed - a Scottish Deerhound was even shown in the first Westminster show in 1877.  135 years is a long time to go without a breed getting a Best in Show and Hickory finally won the big prize for all those Deerhounds.  Ok, enough dog trivia for tonight!  

I'll be closing the Fun Friday Giveaway on Thursday, 2/17 at 9 pm EST so I can do the drawing and announce the winner on Friday.  Be sure to send those entry emails to for your chance to win those polishes!

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