Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LA Splash Pink Dream

This is the perfect princess polish for spring!  LA Splash Pink Dream is a light pink filled with pink and silver microglitter. It's delicate, it's glittery, it makes me think of cookies and sprinkles!

Sun - Pink!...
Shade - ...and Glittery!

I had doubts about its opacity since it's a light pink glitter. How often is anything light pink opaque? Pink Dream is a bit sheer, but covers most VNL in two coats with a third coat for touch ups - like the nail tip where polishes always get a bit thin for me. This isn't a gritty glitter so one coat of topcoat makes it smooth and shiny. Since Pink Dream goes on in thin coats, removal was pretty easy.

This was my first LA Splash polish and I wasn't sure what to expect brush-wise from this thin and rectangular bottle. If you haven't seen the LA Splash brush either, don't worry like I did - it's a normal brush, medium size, nice and flexible. Also, this brand appears to be made Big 3 Free and without camphor - they include a tiny print ingredient list printed directly on the back of the bottle for easy checking.

Now on to the next round of polishes that will be included in the Fun Friday 100 Follower Giveaway...
Mystic Lilac (Fall 2010), Hang Loose (Summer 2010), Jade (Summer 2010), Flat Iron Green
Have you wanted a polish from the LE Surfer Babe collection? Or the Avon shade that's one of the closest cousins to the infamous and very long gone OPI Damone Roberts 1968? And yes, that is a bottle of Mystic Lilac. Those tricky-to-find, seasonal Xtreme Wears! Fill out the form, enter the giveaway, and these polishes could be yours!!

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  1. The pink polish reminds me of many barbie doll dresses from years ago!

  2. LOL - you're right! This is almost the same color and texture of the fairy princess or ballerina dress I had for mine.