Thursday, April 7, 2011

New York Summer Hot Magenta

I want the sorbets from the OPI Spring/Summer 2011 Texas collection, but I'm on a no to low-buy until I find a job in AZ. I'm trying to hold out for a good career job this time, so for now, no sorbets for me.

That doesn't mean I can't have fun wearing a juicy, fruity, fun jelly, though! I shopped my stash and I got out one of the Hot colors from New York Summer.

Quick Back Story on this Brand: New York Summer polishes are under $2. Does this low price mean low quality? Their glitters are so sheer that they can only be used for top coat or franken mixing. Their shimmers can be frosty and boring. Their Hot shades are different - they tend to be easy-to-apply neon jellies in a wide range of colors.

Hot Magenta went on in three, quick drying coats. I didn't have any cuticle drag, so I could've gotten away with two coats, but I find I have significantly better wear with three coats of this polish. The look is still squishy but VNL is all gone with the third coat.

Direct Sun
Indirect Sun

This is one yummy pink - it's like wearing fruit punch on the nails. This might not be an OPI sorbet, but this is still a fantastic jelly!

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  1. This is gorgeous! It looks more pigmented than the OPI sorbets, which is a plus :p

  2. very pretty colour. I've never tried New York Summer. This looks lovely though. x

  3. Hot, love it. I'd rather have this over OPI, yea that's right, I said it. OPI is too expensive ... unless i have a coupon :p

  4. That is a nice squishy pink!

  5. I think you've convinced me to go back and try some of the less expensive nail polishes! I normally stick with the $7-$10 polishes, but that one looks fabulous on! Thank you!

  6. I haven't bought the Texas OPI Sorbets either because of the price, I need to save up money ^_^
    but this is a great compromise, the color is amazingly cute!

  7. @cilucia - I didn't even think about the pigmentation, but that's a really great point! :P to VNL

    @Lesley - I definitely recommend giving NYS a try. I bought mine through Transdesign, but they have a few more colors available on Amazon.

    @loodie loodie loodie - I can be swayed with those coupons, too. Ulta has OPIs on sale B2G1F and I have a coupon... I'd be really tempted if the new Shatters were out.

    @KarenD - It's so squishy!! Yummy squishy!

    @Whitney - These bargain polishes can be such an awesome surprise. I'm glad you're going to give them a try =D

    @FOREVER '92 - I'm glad to put options out there for all of us trying to be strong in the face of new collections. We can save money and still have nice nails. We can do this!!