Monday, November 7, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection

I have a fabulous friend who gifted me with the entire wet n wild coloricon Holiday Glitter 2011 Ice Baby Collection.  The entire set!!

Let's get started with a look at these cute little bottles...

Rockin' Rubies - Believe Me, It's Real - 24 Carats - Give Me A Price Quote
It's All In The Cut - Back Alley Deals - Cost Is No Issue - Diamond In The Rough

Here's one coat of these glitters over one coat of black creme polish.  All of these polishes are clear-based and their opacity varies, but I wouldn't describe any of them as sheer.  They are gritty, top coat-sucking glitters so I think layering makes wear and removal easier.  If you want to wear them solo, you'll only need two or three coats to get full coverage.

Rockin' Rubies - red microglitter with pink hex holo glitter
Believe Me, It's Real - blue microglitter with purple hex glitter
24 Carats - yellow-gold microglitter and bar glitter
Give Me A Price Quote - warm gold microglitter with gold and orange bar glitter with pink flash. I can't tell where that pink is coming from, but it's there.

It's All In The Cut - lavender microglitter with pink hex glitter
Back Alley Deals - purple microglitter with red hex glitter
Cost Is No Issue - light greenish blue microglitter with blue hex glitter
Diamond In The Rough - charcoal microglitter with silver holo hex glitter

As a glitter fan, I love every single one of these polishes. The colors are bright, the color and texture combinations are creative, and the overall feel is so playful.  They cover the nail easily, dry quickly, and wear for days without chipping.

If I had to pick my Top 3 Favorites from the Ice Baby collection, I'd go with... 
Back Alley Deals - It's like an awesome glitter version of China Glaze Flying Dragon.
Believe Me, It's Real - Blue and purple and it's all glitter? oh yeah! 
It's All In The Cut - It's so girly and Lisa Frank-like.

I'm wearing these all as NOTDs, so I'll have future posts showing them off on their own.  If you live by a Walgreens and find this collection, buy these polishes! Pick up your favorite colors and I'm positive you'll be wearing them non-stop through the winter/holiday season.

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  1. AHHHHHH!!!! So jealous!!! I have been hunting high and low here for them. I keep finding the displays picked clean or I find I already have those colors.

    They look wonderful on you.

    How is life in beautiful Arizona? I really miss that state!

  2. I went out today to look for them (I live in Los Angeles suburbs), and to my surprise I found them, but I only bought 4 of the 8. They had the display on a high shelf, and I asked "why are they up there?", and the beauty counter cashier said, "Only the people that know about the polish ask for them and buy them." I didn't know Walgreens was going Hollywood!

  3. I love and have worn them all! You are absolutely correct; it is a good idea to layer them over a gel polish. I wore a Revlon neon green under "Give me a price quote" and it super amplified the color and luminous effect. I got SO many compliments! Between WnW color icon and OPI muppets collection... I'm in glitter heaven! I like that WnW made a cost effective but quality collection.

  4. @Carina M - We've had such a nice winter this year! Cold in the nights, mild and sunny during the day. After a winter of blizzards in NYC last year, this was awesome.

    @Mel - I hope you were able to find them all!

    @Negra Morada - LOL! We're going to need to be on a list to get in to see the Walgreens VIP polishes.

    @Katticus - How many Muppets polishes did you end up with?