Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sharing Saturday: My Favorite Disappeared Bloggers

Much like the newest trends and collections they review, polish blogs come and go in the blink of an eye.

As someone who doesn't post as regularly as she should, I know that my love of polish is just as strong now as it ever was, but it's hard to get back in the game after a break. How many new polishes does a person miss in a few months? Will anyone come back to read and comment on my posts if I don't have the latest and greatest to show off? In a world that moves so fast, it's easy to understand why bloggers go missing.

Some bloggers, though, like me, All Lacquered Up, and The Polish Addict, have taken a break, and returned to their blogs to share their polish passion.

I'd like to share three polish bloggers that rocked my world before they vanished into the internet ether.

MeganChair from Little Music Boxes
Source: Polish or Perish

MeganChair wasn't the first person to take a brush and acetone to fix the edges of a messy manicure, but her tutorial was so detailed and straightforward that it became a gold standard.  This method is still referred to as The MeganChair Clean-Up Tutorial.  Seriously.  You can Google it like that!

She also wasn't the first person to ever play with accent nails, but she is the one who brought the glitter accent nail into my world. Sure, accent nails are everywhere now but they weren't mainstream back then. I loved glitter polish and to just use it on a ring finger or thumb was inspirational!

MeganChair shut down her blog, Little Music Boxes, when she needed to make time to start a family. She showed up on Polish or Perish for awhile, but ended up disappearing from there, too.  Fortunately, a few of her posts, pictures, and famous clean up tutorial still live on there for future polish fanatics to reference and enjoy.

Erika from Chloe's Nails
Source: Chloe's Nails

The Queen of the Scotch Tape Manicure. The Diva of Funky Frenches. Erika was the master of these nail art techniques. When her pictures pop up on the Stylish Eve Facebook feed without credit, I just want to jump up and down on those posts telling everyone to go to her blog to fully appreciate her nails.

Named after her daughter, Erika's blog, Chloe's Nails, had swatches of new polishes, but it also featured the many uses of scotch tape in nail art designs from French tips to rays to flames. She was nice enough to write up several tutorials, including one for the mani shown above.

She's been gone from her blog for a little over a year now, but all of the content is still there for people to learn from and admire.

Polish Hoarder from Polish Hoarder Disorder

Polish Hoarder was funny (read her explanation of the PHD symptoms) and artistic. She used a mirror to reflect her nails, she featured the polish bottle in open, unfocused fingers, she showed off her mani on both hands crossed.  Polish Hoarder's playful photography and distinctive poses quickly made her nails recognizable.

As her blog gained popularity, she fostered the good feeling of community by hosting weekly nail challenges where she would post participants' submissions in a photo gallery. Anyone that encourages community over cattiness in the polish world gets an A+ in Awesomeness from me!

This only scratches the surface of polish people that I miss reading. The long list includes Dr. Frankenpolish, the girls from The Edge of Sanity, Lacquer Lainee-PolishBlog, and Get Nailed, to just name a few.  However, if someone told me to start a "Where Are They Now?" series of disappeared bloggers and magically gave me the means to find them, these three are the girls I'd track down first! Where'd they go? How are they doing? And, of course, what polish are they wearing now?

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