Saturday, March 20, 2010

Barielle Beaches & Dreams

It's Spring Time!!!  Well, it feels like spring in the City so I'm celebrating this nice break in weather while it's here.  

Beaches & Dreams is a light peach creme from the Spring 2009 Shades by Barielle Sun Goddess Collection.  This was a very work appropriate collection and I think this was the "edgiest," most unique shade from this group.  I like pastel cremes that have a starkness to them.  I think it makes me look a little tanner while still feeling spring-like and feminine.

This polish is nice and opaque.  It only needs 2 coats.  Really.  A third coat would make it look too thick and it's so pretty in two.  I don't remember Beaches & Dreams being this easy to apply last year, but it was a breeze to put on this weekend.  I know my clean up's a bit spotty, but that's on me for trying out a new brush - not the polish.

Ok, time to head back outside.  Suzie has been stuck inside so much this winter because she's only a lil Toy Poodle and bad winter weather doesn't agree with her, so I've got playtime to make up!  One more YAY for spring weather!

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  1. Hi there! Great swatch!! I tagged you to do a ten things that make me happy tag. =]