Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zoya Yasmeen

Zoya Yasmeen.  Do you love purples?  Do you have this polish?  If you love purple, then you should have this polish.

I didn't think I *needed* this polish, but I read other people's stories about how it was one of their favorite purples. During one of the really nice Zoya sales, I decided I loved purple enough to give Yasmeen a try.

This is one of the prettiest purple shimmers ever. Ev-er.

There's some magenta-red shimmer, some gold shimmer (very visible in the bottle), and it all translates so nicely on the nail. I kind of expected Yasmeen to be warmer and darker than I wanted. Totally wrong! This shade didn't look too cool or too warm on me. It was just right! The purple is dark and deep, but it's far from black. It's clearly purple in all light settings.

The application is great. This is two coats with base and top. The brush and the formula were so nice that no clean up was needed - which is good because I slapped it on after some unpacking and right before calling it a night.  I had to ease back in to wearing a more "New York" polish after the vacation.  This polish was so smooth and shiny, it did the trick nicely.

Yasmeen lived up to and exceeded all of its hype for me.  I kept pushing this polish aside because I thought it was just another purple-whatever.  Now I wish I hadn't left it sitting in my drawer untried all winter!!!  If you love purple shimmers and you don't have this polish, definitely bring it home the next time you're enjoying a Zoya sale.

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