Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Party of Five Glitters vs. Gems

The universe knows when you're happily wearing a new polish that you don't want to change. That's when you find the new displays of polishes that everyone has been talking about. And those displays are full. How does the universe know?!

While I skipped around Walgreens looking for some new conditioner wearing My Kind of Cool Aid, I found the new Wet N Wild Fast Dry polishes. I picked up a few, including Party of Five Glitters, which is another potential drugstore dupe for Lippmann Happy Birthday. I left MKoCA on a few more days and finally have some comparison shots of Party of Five to share.

Party of Five Glitters is a clear-based polish filled with large silver hex glitter, medium light blue and fuschia hex glitter, and smaller red, green, and gold hex glitter. Isn't that 6 glitters? Maybe the tiny gold glitter is really a reflective silver? Back to the real question - This $2 option is better for your wallet than a $16 polish, but is it worth the savings against the $5 Milani Gems? Comparison Time!

Party of Five looks significantly more pink than Gems 
when the bottles are side by side.

I used one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme as the base 
to make the glitter nice and visible.
1 Coat, 2 Coats, 3 Coats, 1 Coat of Party of Five Glitters
Party of Five has a thick clear base and it makes getting the glitter on the nail challenging. I thought the first coat of this "fast dry" polish was sufficiently set so I put on a second and third coat to get more glitter on the nail. What happens when you pile coats of thick polish on top of wet polish? Bubbles. And I didn't get enough glitter on the nail to cover these major bubbles up.

2 Coats Gems, 2 Coats Party, 1 Coat Gems, 1 Coat Party
Gems has a slightly different color combination of large and small hex glitter - no fuchsia, more green - but the difference is definitely less visible on the nail than it was in the bottle. Gems has a thinner base and it feels like there's significantly more glitter landing on the nail in every brushstroke. It seems that Gems also dried faster, smoother, and shinier than Party of Five.

I think with a little thinner and some more drying time between coats, Party of Five Glitters could be a fun glitter polish to use again. If I wanted to save some money, I would buy Party of Five instead of Happy Birthday. If I could only walk out of a drugstore with one glitter polish, though, I'd definitely pick Gems over Party of Five. I don't need an odd fuchsia hex here and there as much as I need the sheer density of the glitter bomb fiesta that Gems provides in two coats. Pow!

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  1. Great comparison! I need them both, plus DL Happy Birthday, because I am a glitter fiend. :)

  2. I love Gems so much now - but I definitely wouldn't turn away Happy Birthday if it showed up on my front door. The more glitter, the merrier :)

  3. Party of 5 glitter didn't dry as fast as I thought it would, which was kind of disappointing. I prefer Gems, too! I just got Happy Birthday, so I'm going to see how they all compare.

  4. Lucky Paulina!! I love your Lippmann swatches, so I look forward to seeing that!

  5. I've just got Gems in a swap and I love it ! It's so festive ;)