Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Arizona - Barielle Falling Star

I was born and raised in Phoenix, and I lived over 6 years in Tucson while I went to school for my undergrad and grad degrees. Both sides of my family have lived in Arizona for the last century. AZ is never far from my mind, but I couldn't think of anything else this weekend since the tragic shooting in Tucson on Saturday morning.

After all the news coverage and phone calls with my Arizonans, I wanted to step away from the shock and sadness. This isn't a political blog, so this is a polish post dedicated to peace for my home state. 

Arizona became the 48th state on February 14, 1912 (yep, Valentine's Day!).
In 100 years, the State population has grown from 200,000 people in 1910 to over 6 million in 2010. 
The State Economy's growth and development is attributed to our 5 C's:
Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate, & Copper
Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities with an annual average of 85% possible sunshine and 8 inches of rain.

Falling Star is from the Barielle Fall 2009 All Lacquered Up Collection. This shade is a medium blue creme base with small round copper glitter.  In some indoor lighting, it takes on a darker dusty cornflower hue.

This polish is thick and runny so I had a learning curve trying to get it on nicely. Practice helps and, after a few manis of experience, I'm able to get it on smoothly and opaque in two thinnish coats.

I'm learning how to use my new Ott!
As soon as I saw the preview of this polish, I knew I had to have it. This is a pretty shade of blue and a unique glitter-base color combination. The formula might not apply like butter, but this is still one of my Top 10 Favorite Polishes from 2009.

I see copper - I think of the 5 C's. I see a deep medium blue - I think of the afternoon sky after a summer monsoon rain. I feel like I have a little piece of Arizona on my nails when I wear Falling Star, so I'm going to wear it a few more days as a personal visual reminder of hope for a future without violence.

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  1. I like this polish, looks unique :)

  2. Love this one!~

    And I tagged you

  3. I've tagged you with a blog award too! You can check out the post here: http://legallypolished.blogspot.com/2011/01/tagged.html

    Have a great day ahead!

  4. Thank you guys!! I'll work on my Blog Award Tag post next :)

  5. I used to live in AZ up until last year (Mesa!). I lived for going to Tucson for the Gem Show in February.

    Although I no longer live in AZ, it does a hold a special place in my heart.

    Made many good friends there and have kept in touch with them.

    I love this color by Barielle. I have it as well...and I remember when I put it on thinking, "How on earth could they ruin such a wonderful color by throwing in copper glitter?!" LOL

  6. Sorry for the delayed reply, Carina!

    I loved going to the Tucson Gem Show too. What a small world :) Glad you ended up loving this color after that first reaction!!