Sunday, May 1, 2011

LA Colors Shock

Happy May Day! I love spring and I'm trying to enjoy it to its fullest. Summer is my favorite season but it lasts a long time here in Arizona. Since summer will be here from June to September, I'm making a concentrated effort to wear my spring polishes until we're hitting triple digits consistently (hey, but it's a dry heat!).

In my search for colors that are light and happy without being the brighter saturated shades of summer, I tried out a polish my husband picked out for me at Dollar Tree. Shock is a bright, yet light, orange from the LA Colors Color Craze line. I thought it looked like Sunny Delight in the bottle.

This polish looked fine at two coats, but I added a third coat for extra depth in the color. Then I got in a fight with our dryer door and slightly dinged my ring finger, but that wasn't the polish's fault. It was drying quickly, but it had no chance against a large appliance door.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Shock dried with a squishy, jelly-like finish.

Shade - Squishy!!

Unfortunately, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that Shock took on a bit too much of a yellow-orange hue when it dried on my nails. Why couldn't it have stayed more orange-y? It's not a bad shade. Really! But I can never wear this polish again. Ever!!

Why?... Shock, when dry, is almost a dead ringer for ASU Sun Devil Gold. I'm a proud Wildcat and I just can't wear my rival school's color!!! My sister will be graduating this month with her undergrad degree from ASU, so I will be gladly and happily gifting this polish to her for a graduation pedicure. Early Congrats to Mi Hermana!

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  1. I think it looks beautiful when there is a sparkly top layer on it
    :) (I have it on right now)

    1. I haven't tried it layered yet! Is there any specific color or type of glitter that you like to put on this shade?