Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI San Tan-tonio

As I mentioned last month, I haven't been able to get any of the OPI Spring 2011 Texas polishes because OPI isn't in the "unemployed" budget. However, I now have three shades from the collection due to the generosity and awesomeness of my wonderful friends. Surprisingly, the first one I tried wasn't a "sorbet."

According to OPI, San Tan-tonio is "a “honey” of a ten-gallon tan!" This is definitely a light tan creme, but the exact shade will vary depending on your skin tone. This shade looks like a grayed-out caramel on me. The first coat showed a rosy brown base that continued to deepen in color with each subsequent coat. Here it is at three coats - very shiny and level before I even got the top coat on.

Everyone's monitor shows colors differently, but I had to show a more accurate shot of the bottle itself. For some reason, it kept coming out really light in all the color accurate nail shots. It's not the color of coffee with too much cream - it's more tan than that.

The shade looks different once it's on the hand, but here's how San Tan-Tonio actually looks by itself in the bottle.

I really liked San Tan-tonio - something about the shade made me think of the 70s. If I did "How I Wore It" posts like Varnish Vixen, I'd wear this color with a flowy peasant blouse and flares outfit.

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  1. Love it! You're right I could definitely picture it with a boho outfit and turquoise jewelry. I went to the salon last night to get my hair cut and I fought the burning desire to buy, "I vant to be a lone star" and "Ya'll Come Back Here?" because I'm obsessed with the white-ish shades and oranges lately. They were ALSO out of "Do you think I'm Tex-y?" *sigh* But I looked! I went home and took off my Wet n Wild shiny white (the name is hard to remember) and I put on my new Essie Mochachino. It's beautiful! I think it would look great on your skin tone, it's a true mocha with a hint of silver shimmer. Really cute!

  2. This polish is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not usually too fond of tans (I only have 1 in my collection) but I might have to pick this one up. Great post and blog!

  3. @Katticus - Don't fight the feeling for I Vant To Be A-Lone Star. It's got that shimmer and it's such a pretty light blue-gray. Sorry, I won't enable ;) I want to try Mochachino for sure!

    @Nikki - I don't have that many tans either. A lot of them make me think of band-aids and not in a good way. Closest polish I have to this one is old CND Cocoa and that polish never dries. This tan chameleon is much easier to work with and wear for me :)