Sunday, May 8, 2011

StreetWear Angelic

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms out there!

Today we're going to visit one of my grandmothers who always notices what polish I'm wearing. It all started with a teal shimmer mani I decided to wear on a summer vacation trip to Orlando. Since visits were far and few between when we lived on the East Coast, I made an extra effort to wear shades that are extremely pretty but still unique when we went to see her.

I picked the very girly, spring-y, fairy princess polish that is Revlon StreetWear Angelic. This is a frosty light pink filled with silver microglitter. It's sheer and needs three coats for decent opacity. It went on with relatively thin coats, but this polish still took awhile to really set even with Seche Vite.


This polish didn't wow her from a distance like some other blingtastic shades I've worn before, but up close, she really enjoyed the delicate glitter. I achieved the subtle surprise effect I was going for - yay!!

Then my family went a step further and completely surprised me when they asked what I thought about putting a crackle over it. I can't believe I didn't think of that first - wouldn't it look a bit like the new OPI Glam Slam! duos?

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  1. gorgeous polish! looks lovely on you! plus I think it's really sweet that your family takes an interest in your addiction. x

  2. I love Revlon Streetwear too. its such an innocent yet fun shade!! Beautiful

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