Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OWWWP - OPI I Pink I Love You

This is my Interview Edition of Pink Wednesdays - because I had my first interview in Arizona today! 

The universe works in mysterious ways. I've been applying for jobs that I felt lukewarm about, but I knew they weren't *the job* I wanted. I had my mind set on a certain place in a certain city for a certain county - and they were the ones who called me up for this interview! 

This called for my most professional-while-still-being-quite-interesting pink sheer in my collection - OPI I Pink I Love You. This is a soft light pink with a hidden blue shimmer from the Soft Shades 2009 Fairytale Bride collection.

Early Sun - such a gentle light :)

The blue flash may be a bit hard to see, but click through and you should be able to see the shimmer more when the pictures are larger.

This is only two coats because I wanted to maintain the delicacy of this sheer. Adding a third coat makes this polish more opaque and pink. It also adds on to the slightly long drying time, so I recommend enjoy this streak-free sheer in the more translucent, two coat state.

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  1. Aw yay for your interview! And that color is a good pick to wear for it!

  2. I gave you an award!